At Hardbrücke as well as in the area spanning from the dense, urban Wipkingerplatz to the Limmat River, a landscape with high ecological value will be created.
The design follows the guidelines for the Limmat area in Zurich and has the character of a Mediterranean garden. The exterior will be terraced by dry stone walls made of sandstone. The surroundings will be accentuated through the combination of tall, southern European trees (Ficus, Tamarix, Magnolia, Gleditsia) and native shrubs, interspersed with lush garden plants in the meadow areas. In addition, the structuring of the sunny garden in terraces will create sections, allowing for different gradations of the degree of accessibility to the public (from public at the Limmat River to private next to the residential building).

Collofunda AG, Zurich

Project dates
Project planning     2011–2013
Execution                2013–2015

Surface area
1’350m2 incl. roof areas

EMI Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten, Zurich

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