pleasure – dedication

Photo: Daniel Ganz

Savouring, enjoying, is something wonderful that enriches your day. If you savour, you love life. We derive pleasure from all of our senses, and the senses are essential to our work as landscape architects. Dedication is also a beautiful thing. To do something with dedication means to get involved with something, to devote yourself unconditionally to a task. Immersing yourself in a task brings joy, creates satisfaction and enriches your day!

Daniel Ganz provides insight into his way of thinking and explains the value of the craft and the common ground of landscape architecture and the art of cooking. Enjoy a conversation between Daniel Ganz and organic grower and cook Rebecca Clopath, moderated by ethicist Jean-Daniel Strub.

Monday, 6 May 2024, 7:30 p.m.

Architektur Forum Ostschweiz
Davidstrasse 40, 9000 St.Gallen


Longed-for plants in the garden


Climate change is inevitably bringing changes to the vegetation. This means that warmth-loving plants are adapting to the mild winters and changing our usual vegetation. For us landscape architects, this opens up possibilities for creating plantings reminiscent of southern climes. Thus, in future in addition to figs (Ficus carica), kaki persimmons (Diospoyros kaki) and trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata), also bay laurel (Laurus nobili), pomegranates (Punica granatum), strawberry trees (Arbutus unedo), Szechuan pepper shrubs (Zanthoxylum simulans) and others will grow. The Chinese windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) is another plant that lends Itself well to a southern-style landscape design. However, the Swiss Expert Committee for Biosafety recently declared it prohibited, even though north of the Alps, uncontrolled spread is still not a problem. Therefore, it is important for us landscape architects to question doctrines and to avoid dogmatic thinking.

A recently published interview with our colleagues Krebs and Herde in the 30 March 2024 issue of Das Magazin gets right to the heart of this matter!  



Ganz Landscape Architects design in Engadin!

Gian Carlo Bosch presents the competition entries in the Samedan community centre

The winner of the architectural competition for the ‘Promulins’ housing estate in Samedan has been decided. We are pleased to report that the jury has chosen our project on the team of Stücheli Pestalozzi Schiratzki Architekten aus Zurich..

The Palü Project was developed based on the special features of the location. The urban housing estate concept deliberately links up with the existing settlement structure and takes up the theme of the edge of the settlement. The set of buildings creates a clear front and back and in this way creates differentiated qualities in the outdoor space. A large part of the parcel of land will remain as an open ‘meadow landscape’. An essential part of the identity of the project is the connection to the expanse of the valley floor. The extensively farmed meadow will only have a garden walled with dry stone. The entrance area between the existing multifamily houses and the new housing development will be interpreted as a brook landscape. Shrubs typical of the region and largely unpaved pathways and squares will characterize the new address.



Hangenmoos completed!

Photo: Daniel Ganz

On the green meadow and surrounded by orchards, we recently completed the scenic exterior grounds of the Hangenmoos residential buildings in Wädenswill/ZH.
Nut and fruit trees  surround the new residential buildings built by Hauenstein La Roche Schedler Architekten AG. The centrepiece of the new grounds is a kitchen garden. Materials such as sandstone sheets and roof tiles from the former barn on the property could be secured and repurposed as construction material. For us this is a successful example of how new things can be created in a resource-conserving way.


Art Applied

Photo: Elena Ganz Photo: Elena Ganz

In conversation with Petra Blaisse, Helen Thomas and Olivier Lutjens presented the new book by Inside Outside at Teo Schifferli's studio in Zurich.

The retrospective in book form offers a kaleidoscopic overview of Inside Outside's work in the fields of interior architecture, exhibition design and landscape design over the course of more than three decades. The volume begins with a collection of concise thematic essays and presents detailed reports on projects from 1985 to the present day, accompanied by personal accounts from Petra Blaisse, partners Jana Crepon and Aura Luz Melis and members of her team.

Paperback with folded cover
18 x 27cm, 896 pages

ISBN 978-1-915743-34-3


‘The Garden’ project of the ETH gets a new location

Photo: Daniel Ganz

The long-term project ‘The Garden’ of Tom Emerson’s studio/chair at ETH Zurich will be moved to a new location by the end of the year. Last semester, structural elements such as `The Gumno’ were dismantled, and the broken-up concrete was used to build a water table. In recent days, in a second phase, Christoph Gasser’s team of gardeners has dug up most of the plant material, replanted it, and created the basis for the next intervention by students next semester.



Planting in the middle of the winter!

Photo: Daniel Ganz

Unusually for this time of the year, a few days ago the planting work for the Schauenbergstrasse residential building project in Zurich could be completed. Taking great care not to compact or overstress the soil,  our landscape architect Sarah-Louise Dechow together with the two architects Anna Ludwig and Lina Schurk of the Zurich office of EMI Architects placed the plant material in the landscape. Gardeners from GGZ then planted the shrubs as well as perennials, grasses, and ferns, and even bulbs could be planted in the cold ground at the last minute before the soon-to-come start of sprintg.


The craft of photograph

Photo: Andy Jefferson, Plymouth/ England

For our work as landscape architects the atmospheric quality in design has great significance. For this reason, we often sharpen our eyes through the gaze of the camera and practice perception of the moment. We recently received a snapshot from the mountains of the West Indies in St. Andrew, Jamaica. Artist Andy Jefferson succeeded in taking an amazing photograph capturing the light, colours, and the moment.



House for Five Women

Photo: Alexandre Delvaux

Hazima Smajlovic initiated the pilot project `House for Five Women’ in her hometown Gradacac, in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is supported by Engineers Without Borders Switzerland, a humanitarian and non-profit organization. The architectural studio TEN is responsible for the design and construction of the house in cooperation with artist Shirana Shabazi and Ganz Landscape Architects.  

Now, after seven years of project development including two years of construction time, the house has been completed and the residents have moved in. Thanks to the quiet and privacy, the residence provides the women a chance to regain a foothold and recover from their difficult life circumstances.