Orchard planting for a compartmentalized landscap

Ganz Landscape Architects is developing a development plan for the structured fields of Ober-Wartenfluh in Lucerne. As a part of a historical cultivated landscape, the 4 hectares of meadow land will be planted with approximately 100 heirloom standard fruit trees. In addition, the plan provides for the planting of a grove of walnut trees as well as an avenue of maple trees leading to the old coaching inn at Ober-Wartenfluh. The culverted stream that runs through the meadow land will be opened up and upgraded ecologically by creating a meandering stream with flat edge zones. The shore vegetation on the banks of Lake Lucerne will be enriched through replantings and will offer valuable habitat with high biodiversity for animals.    


Note to Monograph `Ganz`

The book is so unlike the other monographs: poetic, sensual, sensitive but also stimulating and informative. It is a pleasure to peruse and continually tempts you to delve into it.
Christian Stern, Landscape Architect BSLA SIA, Küsnacht ZH

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