Photo: Andrea Rist, Zurich
Photo: Andrea Rist, Zurich

The cube-shaped wooden house on the slope of Zürichberg is located in one of Zurich`s villa districts. Mature trees screen the site, yet also grant vistas to lake of Zurich. Charred wood steps lead to the garden. Two walls toward the neighbouring property enclose the sitting area in the back corner of the garden. From the sitting area, steps - also of charred wood - lead to the part of the lawn dedicated to children`s play and to an orchard containing sixteen apple trees bearing yellow and red fruit (Malus ’Golden Hornet’, Malus ’John Downie’, Malus hybrida ’James Grieve’). A retaining wall in rough-hewn gneiss coalesces the different levels which convene at the sitting area. In front of it there are water-lilies in a long pool made of black-pigmented concrete. Opposite it pruned yews create the edge to the street below. This so-called Twmp – derived from the Welsh word Twmpath, meaning mound – resembles a cloud, and presents a particular challenge to the gardeners.


Project dates
Project planning    2001
Execution             2003

Surface are

Burkhard & Lüthi Architektur GmbH, Zurich

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