Street view, 2009, BAZ

The Heuelstrasse garden is on the Zurich office for the preservation of historic monuments’ list of gardens worthy of protection. It was assigned to type 'HVG' (house and villa garden), although a residential block built on the plot is not included in the listing. 

The property is situated on a slope on the Adlisberg. The villa was built on the plot during Hottingen‘s settlement development at the start of the 20th century from farming area to urban city district (see S. Brändli, 2004; Hottingen - von der ländlichen Streusiedlung zum urbanen Stadtquartier, p. 51ff.). Due to its position on the slope, there is still today a lovely visual connection between the impressive domed structure of Kreuzkirche, a reformed evangelical church in the middle of the Hottingen residential and school neighbourhood, and the garden. Looking further into the landscape, there is the gentle range of hills of the Albis, with the Üetliberg on the other side of Zurich as the distant focal point on the horizon.

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