The garden of the Villa Mooser has strong bones: The lot is surrounded with a hedge and a wooden slat fence along the Seestrasse. The wall at the bank of the Lake of Zurich is planted with climbing roses. The entrance is dominated by an oversized sugar maple (Acer saccharum). A pruned chestnut grove marks opposite of the villa and at the same time forms a shade roof for the macadamized parking area. Hazel bushes planted in a row follow a part of the path to the orchard. Pruned hornbeam hedges enclose a separate garden room near the duck house. The old 'Twmp', or mound, in the large playing field near the plum tree together with the newly planted box provide additional structure also in the winter. Formal, clearly defined perennial beds play with the changing colors throughout the year.

Stadt Zürich, Amt für Hochbauten

Project dates
Project planning      2004-2005
Execution                 2005-2006

Surface area

Georg Neumann and Emil Staehli 1908/09
Silvio Schmed, Zurich, 2005 (Restoration)

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