The village square is the central gathering place for the railway employees’ building society of Lucerne (Wohngenossenschaft Geissenstein – EBG). The Dorfstrasse continues to go through the square, but it is not optically discernible. Both the existing linden tree and the gingko tree are a part of the design of the square and are additionally complemented by limbed-up gingko trees following no geometric pattern. The railway theme of the EBG’s past is taken up in the design. Elements such as gravel, railway ties, and tracks are used in a newly interpreted design. The square is of asphalt that differs from conventional road surfacing due to its unusually large grain. Simple and massive wooden benches are reminiscent of railway sleepers. The village fountain has been re-sited and retained as a central element. Pole lighting replaces the former lamps hung over the square on wire cables.

Wohngenossenschaft Geissenstein (EBG)

Project milestones
Competition                2003
Project planning         2005–2007
Execution                    2008–2009

Surface area
ca. 1’900m2

Enzmann + Fischer AG, Zurich

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