For the remediation of the ETH Polyterrasse, the entire roof surface of the Mensa canteen was renewed and newly planted with thematic compositions. Some of the planting troughs were replaced by balustrades, slope protection was upgraded to meet modern safety requirements, and the access was widened.
Privet hedges (Ligustrum vulgare) line the access paths to the sides, and serviceberry (Amelanchier lamarckii) flanks the central terrace in front of the dominant building. More demanding perennial plantings are located only in the areas of the Mensa where people gather. Drought-tolerant plants from the European Alpine region and Mediterranean macchia are the main vegetation, chosen to evoke harmonious and sensory images that make the terrace a valued place to take a break. In addition, our planting compositions named ‘Mountain Dream,’ ‘White Wedding,’ ‘Indian Summer,’ and ‘Treepoly’ provide a reference to the multicultural place of learning.

ETH Immobilien, Abteilung Bauten, Zurich

Project dates
Project planning*     2005–2006
Execution*                2007–2008

Surface area
ca. 6'500m2

Pfister Schiess Tropeano & Partner Architekten AG, Zurich

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* with Toni Raymann, Dübendorf