The house and garden are on Zürichberg in Zurich, a wooded hill rising to 679 meters, and are surrounded by villas built mostly in the early twentieth century. Outdoor stairs lead down to the lower level of the garden, which has a bicycle garage set into the supporting walls of the garden. At the patio there is a pool planted with water lilies, with nearby shade provided by a red snake-bark maple (Acer capillipes) with multiple trunks. Areas of lawn produce a number of different blooming herbs and are surrounded by hedges that edge the garden and at the same time create different intimate spaces for the two parties residing in the house. The bodies of the hedges are trimmed cloud-shaped and are made up of a combination of species such as beech (Fagus silvatica), Cornelian cherry dogwood (Cornus mas), and English yew (Taxus baccata). An old cherry tree together with Japanese maple and various magnolias create special views from the house.


Project dates
Project planning    2005
Execution             2007–2008

Surface area

Hauenstein La Roche Schedler Architekten, Zurich

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