The Binzmühle is a locally unique mill complex of historical value, located at the border of Rotkreuz. The complex of farmstead, pond, dam and canal are witness to historical time period and convey a picture of the traditional agricultural economy. With their varied topography and diverse vegetation, the landscape spaces of the Binzmühle are host to in part rare habitats for flora and fauna within a small total area. The spatial succession of the different landscapes, consisting of traditional elements of cultivated land such as fruit trees, rich flower meadows, lively brooks and pond, boosts the aesthetic value of the individual parts and turns the whole into a particularly exciting landscape. The mill pond, along with a reed belt and parts of the wood, are located in a nature conservation zone; the Binzmühle buildings are in an agricultural zone. This constellation does not permit planned conversions or new buildings in the area. For this reason, the zoning of the Binzmühle hamlet is planned to be changed to a ‘protection of sites of local character’ zone. In addition to the development of a landscaping plan, a comprehensive report views the entire Binzmühle plot as a whole.

Risch-Rotkreuz Commune (commune is the smallest political unit in Switzerland)

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