Christmas holidays

Ganz Landscape Architects' studio will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Monday, 22 December 2014 through Friday, 2 January 2015.
You can reach our entire team again starting 5 January 2015.
We wish you all happy and peaceful holidays!



The prize jury awarded first prize to Ganz Landscape Architects with Boltshauser Architects. Uster wants a new primary school in Krämeracker.
Run, chitchat, watch quietly, let off steam: For children, the outdoors is a place for moving, a meeting place, a stage. They engage in free play, following their interests, and learn to know themselves and others. The needs are as different as the children and demand a differentiated, multifaceted exterior space that in its scale considers the child's perspective.
For this, Ganz Landscape Architects developed a natural design that draws connections to typical landscape elements around Uster: moist reed beds, pebbly and dry crests of hills, the rich vegetation of delicious forests. The natural areas provide the children with experience space and niches where they can discover flora and fauna at first hand. At the same time, the natural areas serve as rain water retention and ecological compensation areas.


Third Prize Winner of Competition in Zug

Ganz Landscape Architects, together with Atelier Scheidegger Keller, has won third prize in the competition for the Zurlaubenhof in Zug.
The development gently retraces the existing topography between the existing and newly planted cherry trees. Access to the buildings takes place without steps and stairs and is part of a dense network of pathways that encompasses the property. The character of the farm land is left as is. The meadows extend right up to the houses. The scattered planted gardens are fenced in and are thus reminiscent of the typical farmers' cottage gardens of the Zug region. Common outdoor sitting areas are set gently into the topography and provide calm retreats for noblesse and use.


Brise soleil in Frauenfeld

The new Sky-Frame window company headquarters building is located the middle of the Thur plain, on the outskirts of Frauenfeld.
The south side of the building is protected from direct sunlight by means of a brise soleil, a fixed sun protection system. The generous "slats," or trays, extend across the entire façade and create a uniform horizontal image 60 metres long and 13 metres high.
In the past few weeks, the brise soleil found its crowning and ornamental completion as Ganz Landscape Architects installed the perennial plant material: A meadow-like carpet of different grasses and flowering perennials now follows the tiers of the construction, accented with brightly coloured Echinacea.


David Nash at Schönthal Monastery

‘Stencil Prints' is the title of the new exhibition in the Abbot's Room at Schönthal Monastery. A trip to Schönthal Monastery is already well worth it because of its idyllic surroundings, and we are avid fans of David Nash.
As the starting point for his works, David Nash seeks dialogue with nature - and creates wonderful sculptures!


Winners of the competition for Birmislos, Unterägeri/ ZG

Ganz Landscape Architects has won another competition: With Peter Kunz Architects in Winterthur, we won over the jury: The new housing development will be set gently in meadowland and a grove of cherry trees. The cherry trees between the new residential buildings create a new spatial connection to the near-by country estate, Landgut Birmislos


Paver pathways on Rautistrasse

10 years standstill ? but now construction has begun on the Rautistrasse housing estate.
With over 1,000 applicants already, these flats are extremely sought-after.
Work on the grounds has started; following some rough shaping of the terrain, the access paths are being built currently. For these, Ganz Landscape Architects designed a concrete slab that can be used to install an unusual paver pattern.


Ganz Landscape Architects take a Summer Break

From Julyt 28th until 8th August Ganz Landscape Architects are on vacation. Only very few people will be present during that time. We kindly ask you to plan accordingly. The entire team will be back in the office on August 11th.


Start of garden work at Steinwies-/Irisstrasse

With the construction of the front garden area of the villa on Irisstrasse, the first phase of our garden work on our project in Zürich-Hottingen has begun.
A small gate creates a break in the hornbeam hedging along the street-side boundaries of the property. From there, natural gneis stone paving takes you to the villa, the entrance facade of which is edged by an inviting border of Iris germanica. This flag iris hybrid, which is one of the oldest garden perennials, enlivens the small, protected front garden area.


Season open at Wollishofen Swimming Park

With the comprehensive renovation now completed, for this year's start of the City of Zurich swimming season the Wollishofen public swimming park could also be reopened for swimmers and park visitors. The value of this lake shore park, with its special architectural features, will thus remain conserved also for the future.
Also the gentle repair work to the grounds, in which Ganz Landscape Architects concentrated on the paving and the plants, ensures the 75-year-old park culture of the public swimming park on the western shore of Lake Zurich.


A Secret Garden

The Museum Rietberg is proud to have this opportunity to exhibit the most important works from a private collection - A Secret Garden - in a special show at the Park-Villa Rieter. The sixty or so exhibited works illustrate important traditions and regional styles of Indian painting.
The English-language exhibition catalogue, to be published by Scheidegger und Spiess, discusses 105 works selected from the Secret Garden in some depth.
Exhibition until 29th June 2014Tue-Sun 10am-5pm
Wed and Thu 10am-8pm
Closed on Mondays
Museum Rietberg
Gablerstrasse 15
CH-8002 Zürich
T +41 (0)44 415 31 31
museum.rietberg@zuerich.ch, www.rietberg.ch


Propagating plants

The plants for the brise soleil composed of plant material, which will be arranged on 60 metre-long trays extending over the façade of the new Sky-Frame company headquarters building, are now being propagated by the Forster Baugrün company in Golaten, Bern.
Following the design by Ganz Landscape Architects, the plants in the 13 longitudinal rows of trays on the south façade of the building will be planted in 1,800 numbered containers. The plant crates are now outdoors and completely exposed to the weather, and the plants will be watered and fertilized.
In the fall, the 767 running metres of plants will have reached the optimal size. The plant mate-rial will then be installed at its destination in Frauenfeld and complemented onsite by bulb plantings of, among others, narcissus and irises as well as various species of tulips.


Garden history on Frohburgstrasse in Zurich

Thanks to the historic garden conservation appraisal (expert's report) produced by Ganz Land-scape Architects, the Zurich office for the preservation of historic monuments deemed not only the garden created by the garden company Gebrüder Mertens in 1910 as worthy of protection but also the house designed by architects Pfleghard and Häfeli. With this, the unity of the house and garden is safeguarded for the future.
The plantings currently underway will complete our carefully executed restoration of the private garden on Frohburgstrasse. The fruit orchard with 11 high-stem trees was put in, and the tasting garden with various berry bushes was newly planted, together with the ornamental bed next to the veranda and the wooded backdrop framing the house. As a young family moves in, the history of the garden, which reaches back to the time of the reorientation of Zurich garden culture in the early twentieth century, will also continue to be told in the decades to come.


Urban gardening

Disappearing trend, or more important than ever?
The Basler Gartenbaugesellschaft [Horticultural society of Basel], founded in 1856 by garden lovers, estate gardeners and trade gardeners/nurserymen, has a garden library that was moved as a repository to the Gewerbebibliothek [commercial library], which is today the Bibliothek für Gestaltung Basel. The goal of the garden library is to document historical, contemporary and visionary aspects of urban planning and green space planning.
Ganz Landscape Architects supports the aims and objectives of the activities of the garden library and would like to mention this year's lecture series, which will show how the urban gardening and farming movement is developing.
Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 6:30 p.m.
Urban Gardening und die Zukunft der westlichen Städte [Urban gardening and the future of Western cities]
Dr. Christa Müller, sociologist, Munich
Where: Lecture hall, Schule für Gestaltung Basel auf der Lyss
Spalenvorstadt 2, 4051 Basel
Wednesday, 26 March 2014, 6:30 p.m.
Urban Farming auf dem Dach [Urban farming on the roof]
Roman Gaus, economist, Aquaponic, Basel
Where: UF001 LokDepot
c/o Christoph Merian Stiftung
Frankfurtstrasse 21, 4053 Basel
Entrance to Dreispitz: Tor13
Wednesday, 2 April 2014, 6:30 p.m.
Urbane Landwirtschaft in Casablanca [Urban gardening in Casablanca]
Prof. Undine Giseke, TU Berlin, landscape architect and research project head, Berlin
Where: Lecture hall, Schule für Gestaltung Basel auf der Lyss
Spalenvorstadt 2, 4051 Basel


Test planning for the gas works site in Bern

The site of the former gas works, with an area of approximately 10 hectares, is located just to the south of the Old City of Berne (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). As a site within the Aare River area, it is highly attractive for the residents of Bern. In addition, young people in Bern have been using the gas boiler on the site as a cultural and youth centre since 1973.
Today, four decades after termination of the gas works production, the future development of the site is being considered. In the framework of a test planning process, Harry Gugger Studio is developing, as a team with Ganz Landscape Architects and Fahrländer Partner AG, urban development, land use, and landscape and traffic planning concepts for the site.


Ganz Landscape Architects GmbH

A lot is thriving, changing and in transformation. Ganz Landscape Architects, founded as a sole proprietorship in 1995, has now been set up as Ganz Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH (a limited lia-bility company), thus levelling the ground for continued healthy growth.


Brise soleil, Sky-Frame Headquarters, Frauenfeld

The ground-breaking ceremony for the new Sky-Frame headquarters building in Frauenfeld has taken place. The Sky-Frame company manufactures very successful frameless sliding window panels that allow large-scale clear views. Winterthur architect Peter Kunz designed the building, which unites production and finishing, showroom and office wing.
For the new building Ganz Landscape Architects is developing a planting concept for one of the longitudinal façades. A fixed construction in front of the façade serves as a sun-shading system. The planting, arranged on long trays, extends over the whole width of the façade as a brise soleil-composed of plant materials.