Christmas holidays

Ganz Landscape Architects' studio will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Monday, 23 December 2013 through Friday, 3 January 2014.
You can reach our entire team again starting 6 January 2014.
We wish you all happy and peaceful holidays!



Study Commission Fleischbachstrasse, Reinach/BL

The contribution of Harry Gugger Studio and Ganz Landscape Architects with their study commission 'Fleischbachstrasse in Reinach' was honored by the jury with the third prize.
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013, 7.30 p.m.
Gemeindehaus Reinach, 3rd Floor
Hauptstrasse 10
4153 Reinach/BL
December 4th to December 31st, 2013


Emil Schulthess – A Retrospective Exhibition

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the photographer Emil Schulthess (1913-1996), Fotostiftung Schweiz in Winterthur is presenting the first, comprehensive retrospective exhibition of Schulthess' work. Ganz Landscape Architects and photographer Markus Bühler-Rasom have been invited by architect Matthias Kamm, who is Schulthess' grandson. On 20 November during a guided tour we will immerse ourselves in the colourful work of the renowned photographer.
Exhibition on view through 23 February 2014
Tues-Sun: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Wed: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Closed on Mondays
Fotostiftung Schweiz
Grüzenstrasse 45
CH-8400 Winterthur
T +41 (0) 52 234 10 30
info@fotostiftung.ch, www.fotostiftung.ch


Gneis surfacing for the Wollishofen swimming park

In the Wollishofen public swimming park on the Lake of Zurich, the old asphalt surfaces are currently being replaced by hand-edged gneiss natural stone pavers. With skilled craftsmanship, the landscapers are laying the new gneiss pavers in groups of polygonals. With the new surfacing, the lake shore park area finally becomes again a lake park-typical and authentic whole.


Rockery, handbook no. 7

Ganz Landscape Architects draws inspiration from the study of nature. In nature we find models and approaches for our designs and impetus for the use of materials. Fascination with the variety and consistency/texture of rock and stone and their natural rock formations gave cause for a closer examination with a view to the use of stone in landscape architecture.
During her internship at Ganz Landscape Architecture, Valerie Klein researched typical purposes of the use of natural stone and studied reproduced rock landscapes and rock structures, including methods of creating man-made rockscapes and specific fields of application in landscaping projects. The collected information is now available in a handbook titled "Rockery".


Start of construction on the Speich grounds

Construction is now underway on the new residential and commercial building of Speich Immoblien AG in Zurich-Wipkingen.
The landscape design for the grounds of the new building follows the original progression of the terrain down to the Limmat River. In the new design of the grounds, the plan also includes the front garden areas on Hönggerstrasse as well as the roof areas.


Master plan for the Cardinal grounds, Fribourg

As winners of the urban development competition in the spring of 2013, Ganz Landscape Architects, on the team with Brockmann Stierlin Architects, are creating the master plan for the grounds of the former Cardinal Brewery in Fribourg. The concentration of the future buildings provides room for a generous city park in the west.
Currently, we are specifying the utilization mix and phasing of the new urban building blocks on the former factory site, which is planned to be one day carbon neutral.
The master plan will serve as the basis of the next architecture competition.


SAME (difference), sculpture in relation (2) - WALKING

WALKING drifts in the ephemeral flow. WALKING investigates, measures and transcends distances. WALKING is the accumulation of organic, immaterial, and time based encounters between the city and periphery.
Sunday, 8th September 2013
13.00 meeting point: Stauffacher Zurich
Nach Schlieren gehen
with Marie-Anne Lerjen


Bed of grasses at the Hochschule für Technik in Rapperswil

Planted in the late fall of last year, the new beds of different grasses (Briza media, Dechampsia cespitosa 'Goldau' and others) with flowering plants scattered throughout are developing beautifully.
The plants selected for the sites, which mostly roof built structures, are growing very well. Leading the way to the university from the Rapperswil train station, the new grasses and flowers welcome students and teachers with their dancing, fine-leafed foliage and their different coloured blossoms (including Echinacea purpurea, Verbena bonariensis).


Protected gardens

We respect gardens. With curiosity and respect Ganz Landscape Architects looks at gardens and grounds as total landscapes. For each assessment and evaluation of gardens listed in inventories, we examine their development over time, investigate their historical affiliation, and ascertain their individual overall condition. For the existing garden substance, we formulate a sound judgment of the conservation value, and the assessment can additionally contain recommendations for further development.
Also in our current assessment and evaluation of Kirche Oerlikon [Church of Oerlikon] and a private garden in Zurich the intent is to contribute towards lasting protection of the legacy of a historic garden.


Modell making

As essential tools, model building and working with models are an integral part of the creative design process at Ganz Landscape Architects. We illustrate everything using working models-when brainstorming, developing and formulating the concepts, and developing the later design.
Our procedures and methods of model building as a design method have been compiled in a manual by Mélanie Rouge, an architecture student, as a concluding part of her internship at Ganz Landscape Architects.


Book launch

'Kleingärten - Traditionelle und neue Formen des gemeinschaftlichen Gärtnerns im städtischen Umfeld' is the title of a book newly released by vdf Verlags.
Laura Schwerzmann, the author, has worked at Ganz Landscape Architects since spring 2103. In her book Laura describes different city garden concepts and examines the differences among them and their specific qualities. The book points up the value and suitability of the urban community gardens that are once again en vogue today.
All interested persons are cordially invited to a book launch party!
5 Juli 2013, 7 p.m., ?Bistro Dimensione, Neustadtgasse 25,? 8400 Winterthur


Ganz Landscape Architects on Exkursion

For this year`s company excursion, Ganz Landscape Architects will join photographer Markus Bühler-Rasom on a trip to the factory building where massive rammed earth walls are being manufactured by Martin Rauch for the new Ricola Herb Centre in Laufen. We will see the Ricola fields for herb production, which will in part be in bloom, and also get a look at some of the processing activities.
Therefor our studio will be closed all day on Wednesday 19th June 2013.


Library Courtyard, Plattenstrasse, University of Zurich

The winner of the open competition (in 2011) for an extension of an existing University of Zurich institute building on Plattenstrasse 22/24 in Zurich was Gunz & Künzle Architects.
In the preliminary project phase, Ganz Landscape Architects has now drawn up a design for the grounds of the new extension building. The landscape design plans for a courtyard and a plaza. A fountain adorns the centre of the macadamized courtyard, which is edged with small-crowned trees and contained by walls. A staircase made of in-situ concrete connects the courtyard on the north-eastern side to Phönixweg. In front of Hotel Plattenhof there will be a small plaza, which will be slighted tiered towards the hotel, so that the hotel can create outdoor seating.


Landscaping Guide for Appenzell Houses

The grounds surrounding traditional farmhouses are an important component of the landscape in Appenzell. The Appenzell region offers unique opportunities for setting up a refuge far away from the hectic atmosphere of the cities. Appenzell houses are full of character. And the land surrounding them is there to be used and contributes decisively to the quality of the place of residence. What was once agricultural land is now used for living. In stalls where cows once stood, cars are now parked.
Our Roman Häne worked together with the planning office of Appenzell Ausserrhoden and wrote a brochure titled "Landscape Design Outside the Building Zone". The guide, richly illustrated with photographs, provides tips and a collection of ideas for homeowners, developers, and landscape architects and shows how the grounds of Appenzell houses can be used and designed well.


Château de Chillon Competition: Second Prize

Ganz Landscape Architects, together with Karamuk & Kuo Architects, have been awarded second prize in the Château de Chillon landscape architecture and architecture competition.
The proposal for a newly designed waterfront promenade is complemented by a new monolithic building. The new building houses a museum shop and a bistro with garden terrace. The landscape architecture design by Ganz Landscape Architects expands the forest landscape with its humid lake air and leads it back to the medieval fortress of the Château. At the same time, the trail along the waterside is clarified and complemented by the addition of dancing, and in part exotic-looking individual trees.


Plantings in Tiefenbrunnen Park and Bad

In the past few days, we completed plantings along the recently constructed wooden noise protection wall between the children's playground and Bellerivestrasse in Tiefenbrunnen Park and Bad, which is listed in the municipal inventory of gardens and parks worthy of protection in the city of Zurich.
The plantings now covering the noise protection wall reflect the existing, in part evergreen and forest-like vegetation. Trees and shrubs including holly (Ilex), yew, cornelian cherry (Cornus mas), and lilac form the framework of the planting and are underplanted with a mixed border of shade-loving perennials and grasses.


Mock-up for asphalt surface on Archplatz, Winterthur

The installations of utilities are already underway at the Archplatz in Winterthur. The structure mastic asphalt surfacing with a diamond pattern will be installed by early summer. Currently, Ganz Landscape Architects is developing the special surfacing in collaboration with the Kibag Company.


Competition success in Bülach

Engaged for the project by Brockmann Stierlin Architects in the second phase of the competition, Ganz Landscape Architects wrap the district school in species-rich vegetation. Following the gently sloping topography, a series of adjacent, graduated squares create a connection to the playing fields via a generous staircase that can be used for sitting.
Between the existing and the new school building, there will be a central square, serving as the school yard for break time and as a point of arrival and a meeting place.


A Walk in the Park

For the skylight room of Kunsthaus Glarus, the artist Adrien Missika (*1981) is using a design featur-ing plants inspirited by the Brazilian landscape architect Burle Marx (1909-1994). He has transported Burle Marx's codes of garden design into the museum space, and is transforming the Kunsthaus into a walk-through tropical conservatory. Missika is basically concerned with the confrontation between nature and cultural construction, old and new, décor and ‘fake', and the concept of the ruin, to which Burle Marx himself repeatedly returned.
Exhibition until 5th May 2013
Tues-Fri 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Sat and Sun 11 a.m. - 17 p.m.
Closed Mondays
Kunsthaus Glarus
Im Volksgarten
CH-8750 Glarus
T +41 (0) 55 640 25 35
office@kunsthausglarus.ch, www.kunsthausglarus.ch


Snaporaz in Oerlikon - Documentary Film Premier

Snaporaz is the title of an unusual sculpture by Zurich artist Marco Ganz. The piece has been in position outdoors on the grounds of the ABZ housing estate on Jasminweg in Oerlikon, which were designed by Ganz Landscape Architects, since the spring of 2012.
Anne Cuneo's film, Snaporaz in Oerlikon, documents the entire story of Snaporaz - from idea to completion of the work of art and its installation at its destination. Snaporaz in Oerlikon documents on film an out-of-the-ordinary and extremely fruitful collaboration between art and craftsmanship.
Film premier:
Saturday, 16 February 2013
message salon
Langstrasse 84
8004 Zurich
Showings: 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.
The film maker and artists will be present.


Chosen for designing the grounds of Restaurant Alter Tobelhof

Ganz Landscape Architects has been awarded the contract for the grounds of Restaurant Alter Tobelhof and Restaurant Chäsalp in Zürich-Hottingen.