Ganz Landscape Architects on Christmas Holiday

Over Christmas our studio will be closed as follows:
Thuesday 22nd December 2009 - Friday 1st January 2010.







Tree transplanting at Integra Square, Wallisellen

Two Lime trees (Tilia cordata) were planted today for our Integra Square project in Wallisellen.
At 9:00 a.m. the two large trees, which are 10 m tall and weigh up to 6.5 t, were lifted using a special crane and placed in the prepared planting holes. With trunks up to 1.10 m in circumference and root balls over 2.30 m in diameter, the trees presented a logistical challenge to everyone involved. A team of competent tree nurserymen and gardeners will provide the two trees with post-transplant care in the coming years and ensure their survival.



Planting, Integra Square, Zurich Wallisellen

For Integra Square, Wallisellen, Ganz Landscape Architects plan ca. 180 trees and shrubs. An integral part of the design is the transplanting of two largeleaf linden trees (Tilia cordata) that are approximately 30 years old. Reminiscent of the existing woods in the area, they form the entrée to the grounds. With the help of gardeners and a tree nurseryman, the trees, which weigh up to 6.5 tons, were transplanted and adapted to their new site.



Atlas of Plant Colors

Just as it is important to understand the notation system in music, color theory is a prerequisite for color use and is an important aspect of using plant materials.
For this reason, Ganz Landscape Architects uses Prof. Dr. Ernst Biesalski's Pflanzenfarben-Atlas Atlas of Plant Colors published in 1957. The color cards show a total of 304 colors referring to 30 plant species, such as Papaver rhoeas, Brunnera macrophylla, and Primula elatior. Accordingly, the three primary colors are called poppy red, Brunnera blue, and primula yellow.



Wooden footbridge at Schoolhouse, Zurich

At the Chriesiweg primary school and grounds, a provisional schoolhouse is being planned. It will be linked to the main grounds by a wooden footbridge 90 meters long. Set at a distance from the site, this construction, with its plain and simple design in spruce wood, underlines the temporary nature of its use. Already at the planning stage, the dismantling is a central topic, and it will be minimal thanks to the reduced intervention.



John Baldessari

Pure Beauty
Tate Modern 13 October 2009 - 10 January 2010
Sunday - Thursday, 10.00-18.00
Friday and Saturday, 10.00-22.00

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

Based in Los Angeles since the 1960s, John Baldessari (b. 1931) is one of the most influential artists of his generation. Baldessari's lifelong interest in language, both written and visual, has been at the forefront of both his artwork and his teaching, through which, over more than thirty years, he has nurtured and influenced succeeding generations of artists. His works incorporate wit and irony, both mocking conceptual art and delivering it in his written work 'I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art'.


Art for the building at Frohburgstrasse, Zurich

The private garden on Frohburgstrasse is being rebuilt. For the front area, with artist Piero Maspoli Ganz Landscape Architects are planning a natural stone monolith that will stand in close context to the new building and the surroundings. The 21-ton block of granite from the traditional stone quarry in Aalfang, Austria, was chosen for the site for its expressive shape and its special surface crust and will be precisely positioned.



Renovation of Tiefenbrunnen Bad and Park, Zurich

Work began on the renovation of the Tiefenbrunnen swimming and recreation park, designed in 1954, carried out by the company ‘Matter Garten und Landschaft‘. Parts of buildings in a bad state of repair will be renovated, inappropriate changes to the building substance will be corrected historically, trees and perennial plantings will be added, and where necessary, adaptations will be made for today's uses. The renovation is planned for completion by the reopening of the swimming season in mid May 2010.


Ground-surface asphalt

For the design of a square, Ganz Landscape Architects raised the status of asphalt as a path surfacing. A restrained effect is achieved by working the surface of a traditional, coarse standard surface. The characteristic properties of the material are enhanced discretely by the colorfulness of the exposed grain; the gray binding agent recedes visually into the background. Simple grinding after the installation creates a solid and expressive effect.


Quarry in Aalfang, Austria

Ganz Landscape Architects are always in search of optimal materials for their projects. The traditional stone quarry in Aalfang, Austria, allows us to look at granite in a diverse range of colors. The formation and stratification of the granite produce differentiated facets that we can deliberately intensify in the working and utilization of the material.


‘Paintbox Deluxe' 2009

Working with colors is an important topic also for Ganz Landscape Architects. Mainly in the supreme discipline of ‘use of plants,' colors open up enormous design potential.
We are very pleased to note the latest works by Zurich artist Marco Ganz. ‘Paintbox Deluxe' 2009, a serigraphy (silkscreen, or ‘screenprint') on satinized Plexiglas, presents thirteen colors on a large-format color-sample board. The colors entice, bewitch, and annoy each other, toy with each other, or clash. The colors take nature as their example: a positively fragrant pink, an almost hypnotizing cobalt blue, an orange of a hardly unsurpassable brightness.
Exhibition: Edition August 2009
New Original Graphic Arts
Opening reception:
Wednesday, August 26, 2009, 18.00 - 20.00
August 26 to November 18, 2009, Wed. 15.00 - 20.00, Sat. 14.00 - 17.00
Verein für Originalgrafik
Verena Conzett-Strasse 7, 8044 Zurich, Tel. +41 44 241 53 00



The House of C. G. Jung

C. G. Jung, the important explorer of the human psyche and founder of Analytical Psychology, lived and worked in his home in Küsnacht on Lake Zürich from 1909 to 1961.
A hundred years after being built, and following the completion of recent renovation, this book is being published to document the creation of the property on Lake Zurich and its transformation since then. Its previous and present states are captured in texts and images. Various authors consider it from their own areas of expertise.
C. G. Jung`s Garden Realm
The Garden and Its Renovation, 2007-2008
by Judith Rohrer and Daniel Ganz
The House of C. G. Jung
148 pages, ca. 160illustrations, many in color,
formate: 23 x 28 cm, hardcover. Price: CHF 70.-, U$70.00 (Plus shipping)
ISBN 978-3-905681-41-3
Publication in English, order online from:
Publication in German, order online from:


Mastic asphalt

Ganz Landscape Architects, together with the Walo Bertschinger company, developed mastic asphalt paving, conforming to standards, with an unusually large grain. For the design of the surface, pre-coated basalt stone aggregate of grain size 22/32 mm was added in the maximum possible amount. Because the surface is worked mechanically, the gravel added to the material shows up for an optimal appearance and in addition provides for the desired grip and skid resistance.


Field trip to Hamburg

On this field trip Ganz Landscape Architects’ destination was the city of Hamburg in northern Germany. A full program took us also beyond the city limits of this impressive Hanseatic city to the state capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the 2009 German Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) in Schwerin.
In Hamburg Ganz Landscape Architects took long walks through the varied old warehouse district (Speicherstadt), along the harbor, Hamburg's red-light district (the Kiez), and through other, very various city districts. Tours and inspections of urban and rural spaces such as Spielbudenplatz, Antoni-Park, Hamburg’s promenade Jungfernstieg, and through the grounds of Planten un Blomen park and Jenisch-Park, the New Botanical Garden, and Stadtpark rounded out our picture of the city.


Creek Walking (TM) Werenbach, Zurich

Brett Davidson and Ganz Landscape Architects went Creek Walking (TM) in Werenbach, Zurich.


Creek Walking (TM)

Creek Walking (TM) gives you first-hand experience of the river space. This study in perception developed by Brett Davidson is founded on the synthesis of physical sensations and experienced impressions. Creek Walking (TM) synthesizes perception and has a lasting effect on your everyday life.
Brett Davidson and Ganz Landscape Architects conduct Creek Walking (TM) tours for a small group up to 4 persons

Next date:


Sunday, June 21, 2009, 9 a.m.


Register: Brett Davidson, Zurich

New Web side

Ganz Landscape Architects present their new Web site and raise glasses for a toast!



Ganz Landscape Architects visited peony producers, Markus and Urs Werner in Zurzach/AG, where they were given a tour through the nursery and growing fields.
The splendid bloom of the different peony cultivars on the field was overwhelming. We found especially stunning the apple-blossom pink Paeonia lactiflora 'Sarah Bernhardt' (Lemoine, 1906) and the fragrant white Paeonia lactiflora 'Shirley Temple' (1948).


Unterwegs in Zürich und Winterthur

Stadträume und Landschaftsarchitektur 2000-2009
This 168-page guide presents 60 pioneering projects in contemporary landscape architecture. All of the projects are presented in text and pictures.
Roderick Hönig und Claudia Moll: Unterwegs in Zürich und Winterthur, Edition Hochparterre bei Scheidegger & Spiess 2009, CHF 29.90 (for subscribers to Hochparterre magazine CHF 18.-; for BSLA members CHF 24.-), in German, 168 pages, 126 photographs and plans, brochure with gate-folded cover.


Elephant Park, Zurich Zoo

With our design proposal submitted to this international design competition, Ganz Landscape Architects succeeded in demonstrating their style of work. For this complex task we were able to draw upon our many years of experience with tropical vegetation.