The grounds surrounding traditional farmhouses are an important component of the landscape in Appenzell. The Appenzell region offers unique opportunities for setting up a refuge far away from the hectic atmosphere of the cities. Appenzell houses are full of character. And the land surrounding them is there to be used and contributes decisively to the quality of the place of residence. What was once agricultural land is now used for living. In stalls where cows once stood, cars are now parked.
Our Roman Häne worked together with the planning office of Appenzell Ausserrhoden and wrote a brochure titled "
Landscape Design Outside the Building Zone". The guide, richly illustrated with photographs, provides tips and a collection of ideas for homeowners, developers, and landscape architects and shows how the grounds of Appenzell houses can be used and designed well.

Appenzell Ausserrhoden – Departement Bau und Umwelt
Planungsamt, Herisau

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