For 80 years the Integra grounds in Wallisellen were used for industrial production. In its post-industrial use as a place to live, work, and live. Our design concept ties in with the history of the place and integrates some contemporary witnesses.
The central tree courtyard is envisaged as a macadamized inner courtyard. Inlaid areas edged with rails pay homage to the industrial use of the grounds. A layer of herbs that will spread within the space allotted to it territory shows clearly the process nature of a vegetation laboratory. Our tree plantings of birches and robinias are meant to suggest the natural successional process of a field of industry. Single chestnut, gingko, and redwood trees pick out as a central theme the relic-like nature of industrial re-use. The vegetation will change over time. The idea is to make visible a dynamic process in which a grove comes into being in the shadow of the existing forest, which as a climax plant community has occupied the highest successional level for years. An intensive roof planting of grasses, ferns, and shrubs brings the vegetation succession on to and into the buildings.

Integra Immobilien AG, Wallisellen

Project dates
Project planing        2004               Phase 1
                                   2006-2007     Phase 2
Execution                 2005               Phase 1
                                   2009               Phase 2

Surface area
ca. 7500m2

agps architecture, Zürich

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