The newly built residential house is a traditional Appenzell farmhouse with cross-ridge. It is located embedded in the hilly landscape of the foothills of the Alps between Säntis and the Alpstein mountains and used exclusively as a residence and retreat by a couple who are photographers. The typical landscape as an identifying symbol of Appenzellerland is still intact here in this farming area. The interplay of house and meadows characterizes the unique natural landscape scenery, where there are mostly no gardens.
A precisely positioned landscape cut in the sandstone rock at the meadow on the north side makes the house accessible and creates space for a small patio on the west side. The patio surfacing of regional Rorschach sandstone will be installed under the supervision of artist Piero Maspoli. From the patio there is a view of the newly planted apple tree in the meadow and beyond, looking across the farms in the hilly countryside. After the long winter, the newly planted small yellow narcissus will bloom in the meadows surrounding the house, heralding the arrival of spring.


Project dates
Project planning 2012

Execution of landscaping 2012–2013

Project planning, design

Surface area
ca. 1030 m2

Piero Maspoli, Schlieren

Frehner Holzbau AG [Frehner Wood Construction], Gais

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