Traces in the garden were to be preserved and kept legible so that as many features of the garden as monument would be made recognizable and thus experienced. With those conditions, it was possible to restore part of the garden to the original plan of the Mertens brothers, to make the traces of time visible, and to take present needs into account. During the renovation, a working method was developed that resembled the English Arts and Crafts movement of the nineteenth century, based on a return to the quality of craftwork. The ideas behind the concepts were discussed in close dialogue with the client. When working with the existing fabric, despite the carefully laid-out plans, there was a constant reassessment of possible solutions to the daily necessities of the work.

Stiftung C.G. Jung, Kusnacht

Project dates
Project planning     2006
Execution                2007–2008

Surface area

Ernst Fiechter 1908-1909
Arthur Rüegg, Zurich (Restoration 2006–2007)

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